Have you seriously calculated what you need during Retirement?

Yvonne July 22, 2019

By the time we retire, we would have spent about 40-45 years of our lives toiling for ourselves and our loved ones. Many of us look forward to retirement, where there are no more working hours to adhere to, and no more waiting for weekend to arrive week after week. We call it the “Golden Years of Retirement”. However, most of us have not seriously planned for these Golden Years, be it finances, healthcare, housing type, or lifestyle.


New Integrated Shield Plan riders. Am I affected?

Yvonne March 26, 2019

Resulting from Ministry of Health’s policy, with effect from 1 April 2019, all insurers offering Integrated Shield Plan will not be allowed to offer riders that fully cover every dollar of your co-insurance element. The impact to policyholders is that, for every hospitalisation claim, you will have to fork out your own money.


Tips for Retirement

Yvonne November 02, 2018

For many of us, we usually adopt a “It'll somehow take care of itself” or “My parents are happily retired without having to plan for it” mindset.