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Dec 2018

Two thirds of cancers are unavoidable even if you live a healthy life, study finds

Two thirds of cancers are unavoidable even if you live a healthy life, a study has shown.

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High living cost, job security a worry for Singaporeans

Singaporeans are concerned about the high cost of living here and worry that it may deter young people from starting families or having big families. Read more at

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These 3 Charts Show The Amazing Power Of Compound Interest

These charts and graphs illustrate exactly why you'll want to start building retirement savings as soon as possible.

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Singaporean women worry about having enough for medical care after retirement

Three in four women of working age in Singapore are worried about not having enough money to cover their medical or care expenses after they retire, according to a new study by financial institution HSBC. The figure (74 per cent) is higher than the global average of 60 per...

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