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Nov 2018

Supplementary Retirement Scheme - 4 Things You Need To Understand Before Opening An SRS Account

Here's how an SRS account can help you with your future retirement, and save you some money today.

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Why It's Better to Stay Invested, Even When the Market Is Unpredictable

The market is full of volatility, and huge drops are known to happen, but it's still best for investors to buy and hold through it all.

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Understand The Latest CPF LIFE Plan Before Opting For It

Most developed countries in the world have some form of retirement scheme for its people. For us in Singapore, there is the CPF Lifelong Income For The Elderly (CPF LIFE) scheme.

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Singaporeans lack 80% of critical illness protection needs: Life Insurance Association

In times of critical illness, economically active Singaporeans and permanent residents are only covered for a year of their expenses or 20 per cent of what is needed should they be out of the workforce for five years.

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